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Unify Data Silos & Establish a Single Source of Truth

Blend together your teams’ disparate data sets to facilitate smoother collaboration behind a unified and enhanced reporting source on the S/L platform.

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Connect Your Marketing Data Across Your Organization


All marketing platforms.
One place.

Connect and consolidate your various datas sources  through our robust set of API connections.

Connect, Enhance, and Combine Your Datasets

Transform your data with built-in ETL.

  • Connect, combine and automatically synchronize all of the data sources which impact marketing analysis.
  • Ingest and process large datasets from multiple platforms. 
  • Create advanced data transformations to combine, cleanse, and process data.


Cleanse data for duplicates, test entries, and more


Build enhanced reports which combine multiple data sources, and construct new calculation metrics


Aggregate event level data so you can get it ready for comparative analysis


Easily schedule, automate, and access report updates for realtime data accuracy

Create Advanced Data Transformations with No Code

Leverage a range of pre-built functions to cleanse, normalize, and aggregate your data.

Join large datasets from multiple platforms, process and enhance ingested data, and build blended datasets for reporting and visualization.

Build your data pipelines
directly in the S/L platform and focus on the analysis, decisioning, and optimization efforts for your marketing initiatives.

Full Granularity and Flexibility with data exports from any reports built on the S/L platform so you don't lose granularity and flexibility.

Scale your customer growth engine with Sona Labs
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