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Build Reports & Visualize End-to-End Marketing Data

Make better, more informed decisions backed by a clearer picture of your marketing performance, fueled by the S/L platform’s enhanced attribution and data unification.

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Save Time with Pre-built Dashboards

Leveraging the S/L platform, you can build custom reporting to make sense of your newly connected, enhanced data. Build reports, charts, or dashboards to track your performance in minutes.

Go From Raw Data to Visualizations in Minutes

Organize, build, and manage a unified set of customer growth metrics tailored to user needs. Visualize data in tables, grids and graphs.

  • Build and embed charts from reports into custom dashboards
  • Automate report updates to monitor regular performance
  • Share reports or dashboards with users across your organization to track key business metrics

Understand Creative Performance Through the Entire Funnel

Overlay downstream metrics onto creatives so you can understand marketing performance from ad click and through the sales event. 


See characteristics of high performing ads by assigning flexible tags

Funnel Metrics

See a unique view of how creatives perform from the initial touchpoint. Visualize a comprehensive set of conversion events from the through the entire customer lifecycle.

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