Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Measure, visualize, test, and optimize

With the S/L reporting platform and S/L CRO managed service, track the impact of tests in real time and through the entire funnel. Make smarter decisions faster.

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Personalize Click to Conversion

From the initial ad click to the landing page conversion, we can personalize the experience for your website visitors. Using the S/L creative mapping technology, we ensure the message you want to convey is clear from start to finish.

At the outset, our tracking configuration will enable multi-channel attribution so that you can see the user journey from the first visit to the first payment, all the way through to subsequent revenue buildup. This setup includes:

  • S/L Enhanced Tracking
  • UTM design and tagging
  • User ID based reporting to connect user acquisition to user engagement

Testing Design, Implementation & Reporting

Based on your testing objectives, we can craft data-driven experiments configured to reach your business objectives. Our team will help you ideate, implement, analyze, and iterate on experiments.

Experiment Type Examples:

A/B tests
An element differs between the two landing pages. Examples: headline, hero image, button text, button CTA, etc

Multivariate tests
Multiple elements differ between the landing pages.Examples: button text and CTA, headline and content, etc.

Redirect test (split URL test) - Variants are identified by URL or path instead of an element(s) on the page. Examples: redesigned page hosted on a subdomain, two different landing pages

Enhanced Reporting: Leveraging the S/L Data Platform, we're able to combine multiple datasets such as Google Analytics data, client data, or data from CRM systems along with your experiment data.

Data Integration & Analytics

Data obtained from testing can be combined with other data hosted on the S/L Growth Platform. This allows for custom reports and dashboards that combine optimization tests with other connected datasets. 

Example reports

Our reports are updated automatically and blended reports can be incorporated into custom dashboards.

Example customer reports:

* Revenue/Cost/Profit per paying user
* Cost per engaged user
* Cost per demo booked user
* Cost per qualified user
* Cost per registered user
* Multi-channel attribution
* LTV by campaigns, ad groups, ads
* And so many other KPI's...

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