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Implementing business intelligence initiatives can be complex, tedious, and expensive. S/L can help build business intelligence reports and dashboards that allow you to navigate your business targets.

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Tracking Infrastructure Setup

To facilitate reporting, testing and optimization around your key business metrics, we design and setup a tracking infrastructure aligned to your business.

At the outset, our tracking configuration will enable multi-channel attribution so that you can see the user journey from the first visit to the first payment, all the way through to subsequent revenue buildup. This setup includes:

  • S/L Enhanced Tracking
  • UTM design and tagging
  • User ID based reporting to connect user acquisition to user engagement

Custom Reporting without Coding

Leverage the SL platform to build custom reports and track marketing performance. No coding required. Get the benefits of advanced reporting and visualization without the costs of hiring an in-house team of data specialists.

Get granular without the need of a data scientist

Example custom metrics reports:

* Daily and monthly lead volume
* Percentage of eligible leads by month
* Cost per paying user by month
* Spend by platform by month

And so much more...

Gain Clarity from Your Data

Make decisions quicker and with greater confidence, backed by data you can trust. Replace manual, tedious spreadsheet calculations with beautiful charts and dashboards.

Better Data, more informed decisions

  • Automate reporting beyond initial setup and report creation
  • Define custom dashboards by selecting the charts you want to see
  • Track marketing performance across platforms with ease
  • Share reports to members of your team to keep everyone up to date
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