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Leveraging the S/L platform, we can build, manage, and scale your paid marketing campaigns to attain your organization’s growth objectives.

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Paid Media Strategy

As a starting point, we craft a tailored media strategy for your organization based on our assessment of your growth goals, historical data and our own research. As we track and analyze data from these initial tests, we'll modify the strategy to optimize performance.

Traffic Source Management

In order to manage the day-to-day performance of your campaigns, we start with setting up an account structure that can scale with rapid, iterative testing. With the combination of the S/L platform along with account management, we optimize campaigns, bids and budgets to meet your growth objectives.

Personalized Funnels 

The S/L platform enables a high level of personalization from ad click and through the entire funnel. With this personalization technology, customers see 30% or great improvements in conversion rates.

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